In a Fast-Paced World, the Details still Matter

It’s so easy, especially nowadays in our age of smartphones and limitless information, to succumb to what I call the “scroll-and-skim” syndrome. Just the other day, as I was swiping through my twitter feed, I found at least ten news articles that piqued my interest enough to warrant a full read; however, it can be difficult for me and people on the move to revisit those pages as they become inevitably buried under a mountain of newly refreshed data.

On the Go

Despite previous resistance, I’ve since accepted that the majority of information out there is no longer consumed through weekly print papers. I decided it was time to catch up with the rest of my generation and take advantage of the infinite cache of information available at my fingertips. Since that time, most if not all of the news in my cable TV-deprived college lifestyle has been delivered to me via platforms optimized for mobile devices.

However, I’ve found myself, along with many other individuals adjusting to the digital revolution, becoming unable to focus my interest on a single article as it appears on my smartphone. There has become so much to scroll through that headlines have become sufficient reading.

Quality vs. Quantity

I realized I was sacrificing quality of reporting for the vast quantity of headlines and lead paragraphs offered to me on twitter and Facebook. I began joining the reported six in 10 Americans who only read the headlines, and failing to scroll any further.

But news is far from dead. If technology had the ability to so effectively distract my attention from quality content, it must have the ability to restore it.

There’s an App for That

There are multiple programs and applications that have recently been developed to help readers better aggregate news content. One app that I frequently use is Pocket.

pocket_logoPocket allows me to save any full length article I come across, on virtually any social media platform, through a simple sharing function in my browser. I simply click the link in twitter or Facebook, click the share icon and save it straight to an offline database for future reading. Exit, continue scrolling, and repeat.

With Pocket, nothing gets lost in the endless stream of information. When I’m on the go and can’t delve into the Wall Street Journal, it provides a convenient place for all the content I care about.


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